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January 14, 2016

We are in the depths of winter now and I find myself pining for the green of my garden. This past spring and summer I really took to digging in the dirt and found it is a great form of therapy for me. I love tending to the tiny plants and watching a once barren plot of dirt fill in with cascading tendrils of green and cheery button blooms. I’ve always had a strong affection for roses and our house did come with a very old and established rose garden but nothing can compare to the gorgeous cupped old-fashioned David Austin garden roses.

I will admit I became a little overly greedy and purchased more than I was ready for, turns out there is more to rose growing than just sticking a plant in the ground. I think they will all survive the winter and in the spring I plan on moving a few to more favorable locations. Luckily we had a white picket fence put in that has opened up some new rose real estate. Is there anything more lovely than an antique blush rose climbing up a white fence? Counting down the days until the first flush! Until then I have these photos from last summer to keep me company.

Queen of Sweden

Queen of Sweden

Strawberry Hill

Strawberry Hill

St Swithun

St. Swithun 




Queen of Sweden and Crocus

I’m eagerly anticipating receiving the new catalog to plan new additions for this year. Maybe I will stray from the pink/peach/cream tones? Probably not, though the dark velvety petals of Munstead Wood and quite enchanting. I just might have to find a spot to work those colors in. Gardening has proven to be such a wonderful hobby for me and luckily Greta enjoys digging in the dirt so it is something we can do together. Dreaming of warm days in the garden surrounded by my English beauties.


  • emily

    You have such beautiful roses! I can’t wait to see what your Spring garden produces!

  • jen

    So pretty! OMG, how did you get Claire? I thought it was only available as a cut rose!! Ok, you don’t have to tell me if it’s a secret. 😉 I’ve finally put your blog in my feed reader, yay!

    • mbardeaux

      I found it on Heirloom Roses! I don’t see it anymore though so I’m not sure what happened. It’s a lovely one and I am so thankful I nabbed it. You are welcome to take a cutting once it’s established! I got it as a tiny banded baby so it’s still super small. Glad you found my blog, more flower posts to come!

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